Terracotta Flooring

Terracotta has been existing since the 17th century and it was not special things anymore, but the technology has replaced them by modern floor tiles. Modern floor tiles are cheaper and precision compared than terracotta, but there is high interest of terracotta as an architecture material now days, in especially for home and villas. As a handmade material, terracotta has its own exotic sense which cannot be found in other materials. It relatively has more stable temperature than other flooring materials; it is warm in the evening and cool during the night. So terracotta should be considered as an alternative material by thus who concern with exotic sense and healthy issue.

We use terracotta is not limited for floor only but some people design them for wall design. Besides floor and wall, terracotta can be also used for some other propose for your outdoor decorative thing.

Bali clay makes various models of customer needs in order to fulfill customer satisfaction. We are highly putting attention for customer request. We also accept designs from customer and company labeling for the production needs. We do have an experienced team for many years, and our professionals have been supplied to hundreds of cities in Indonesia and even outside of Indonesia too. The quality of product combined with unlimited creativity, making our product always on the top choice for you to consider.

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