Terracotta Services

We are based in Bali, which famous as heaven of art culture, so we create very up to date and creative shape to fill the customer’s need about high quality terracotta. Our products are made with a mixture of clays in the region whose end result inspires warm and natural environments.

We have a wide range of products for clay, terracotta, and others that can cater to all solutions and meeting the needs of our customers. To preserve and to keep the quality of the product at the optimum it has to undergo strict quality control check at every stage of production process from beginning till end.

We are not only serving in custom order for our product but the service that we offer that how the product can be handled safely to the customer. To consider of this case, we really serve you with a free delivery service especially when your resident are in Bali.

To consider in giving a better service, we are also provide you a special labor to install your flooring. Our specialists have been well trained to do the flooring in especially in terracotta, of course if you want to get a better result of your flooring, you can consider using our service but it will be for Bali area only. In order you have any problem in regards of the existing terracotta flooring, you may call us to fix the problem or we can do maintenance for your terracotta floor as well.

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